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Animal Life Near Driftwood Lodge

One of the biggest appeals that we pride ourselves on here at the Driftwood Lodge is that our residents can interact with the wildlife around the area. That comes with being so close to Zion National Park, one of the most well-known tourist attractions in all of Utah.


Plenty of wildlife occupy the Springdale area. In fact, there are over 60 species of mammals that can be seen in plain sight. Keep in mind that a fair amount of them are nocturnal, so you’ll have to stay up late to see them. The reason for this is that because of their fur, they don’t want to deal with the dry Springdale heat. Even though most of them are night owls (not literally), you’ll see mammals in the daytime such as:

Mule Deer and Rock Squirrels: These are two of the most common sightings among the animals around Driftwood Lodge. While mule deer aren’t really anything special compared to your standard deer, rock squirrels are a little different. They actually prefer being on rocky terrain, which isn’t something you’d think of when it comes to squirrels. Even weirder, you’ll see them mostly along the Riverside Way because of their preference of being in rocky terrains.

In fact, most of the wildlife you’ll see in the daytime will be ones you’ll see close to the river. Animals like the aforementioned rock squirrels, mule deer, bighorn sheep, foxes, and bats among others.

As for the ones that are up and at ‘em during the nighttime, there are ones like:

Ringtail Cats and Mountain Lions: These are among the more prevalent nocturnal animals around the area. Ringtail cats basically look like the lovechild of your normal and a raccoon, which is what makes the rare sight of them one to behold. Mountain Lions are ones that you probably should avoid. They aren’t that common unless you are traveling to the highest points in Zion. These are the more well-known mammals in the area including badgers, bobcats, and raccoons.

As cool as it is that a fair amount of these animals come out around nighttime, some rather unpleasant ones are out that would be cool to see but are ones that we advise that you not interact with, like porcupines and skunks. In general, it may not be the best idea to get too close to the animals, but it’s pretty cool to see them right?

If you are one who likes to interact with animals, then Driftwood Lodge is your perfect vacation spot. We don’t have animals to play with directly, but the ones that show themselves definitely make a trip to our hotel worth it!

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