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Are You In Need Of A Break?

We understand how rough it is for so many at a time like this, but we hope you do not give up on yourself and continue to put your happiness and health over trivial things. It is important to take a step back once and a while and check on yourself, analyze how you feel, and what you need.

Have you been feeling off lately and just burnt out from how much is going on? Lucky for you, burnout can be avoided if you learn to recognize the signs.

Below we listed signs that point to the possibility of you being burnt out and in desperate need of a relaxing break. 

  1. Feeling negative.
  2. In physical pain.
  3. You’re struggling to sleep.
  4. Making mistakes at work.
  5. You’re no longer enthusiastic about your work
  6. You’re engaging in counterproductive work behaviors.
  7. Using unhealthy coping mechanisms. 
  8. Even the smallest problem seems hard to overcome.
  9. You’re having interpersonal problems 
  10. You’ve lost your sense of humor

After reading this list, think about the last time you took a break for a moment and did something that relaxed you. This list is not limited to just those signs, and you may be feeling any of those for different reasons, but everyone deserves a short vacation to focus on themselves. Suppose you find yourself in need of that vacation and looking for a place to take it. 

Book Driftwood Lodge today. We are surrounded by so many serene views that make one stay with us worth it. 


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