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Finding Gratitude for Nature

It’s the season of thanksgiving and exploring gratitude. Through the many events that have come in the year 2020, we have grown a deeper appreciation for things that we may have taken for granted before. One opportunity these events have provided us with, however, is escaping to nature. Utah’s landscape has allowed many individuals to engage in COVID-19-friendly activities.

Zion’s National Park stretches over 15 miles long. With all of this space, you can appreciate the beauty while staying safe. Even during the winter months, you can enjoy a variety of activities in the park. If you decide you want to embrace the beautiful winter landscape Utah has to offer, here are some of our favorite wintertime activities:

  1. Drives through the canyon. A nice drive is especially nice if you’re looking to stay warm. During peak season months, you aren’t allowed to bring private cars onto this road, so an extra thing to be grateful for is this unique opportunity to cruise through the canyon!
  2. Visit the Checkerboard Mesa. During the wintertime, snow will fall in a beautiful pattern on this Mesa located on the East side of the park.
  3. Hikes! There are still trails that are open and easy to do during the cold months. Trails that are recommended are typically less strenuous than those found in summer months for safety reasons.

As the holiday for gratitude approaches, you can find ways to connect with the natural world around you. Stay with us today and explore!

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