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Grafton Ghost House

On the banks of the Virgin River lies a small town where over 150 years ago the Berry Brothers and Isabelle S. Hales were killed by Indians. Grafton, Utah is just a short drive from The Driftwood Lodge in Springdale, Utah. Mormon Pioneers initially settled Grafton. The president of the church at the time sent families to southern Utah because of the Iron found in the mountains near what is now Cedar City.

As there are so many fun activities to do in Southern Utah, especially near Zion, families might want a break from hiking or swimming. A great alternative is a fun adventure and short drive the Grafton Ghost Town.

Grafton is an excellent way to learn more about Utah history and early settlers of this establishment. There are also some known films shot in the town including western classics such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Red Fury, and Child Bride of Short Creek.

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