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Have You Ever Just Stopped and Star-Gazed?

The beautiful night sky is one of those things known by all of us, loved by most of us, but ignored by too many. The night sky can offer a breathtaking view that you may have never noticed, and all it takes is for you to get off your technology, grab a blanket, lay down, and breathe in the sights.

Areas surrounding Zion National Park offer the ability to take you away from the city lights, eliminate light pollution, and create a skyline that you may have never seen before. It makes for a free and enjoyable experience that the whole family can participate in. While you are looking up at the night sky, you can see things like planets, the moon, constellations, moving satellites, etc. We recommend making a game out of it and seeing what pictures you and the family can make out of the stars.

You also do not need a fancy telescope to see some things more in detail and up close. With a clear night and a pair of binoculars, you can explore the moon’s surface, and if you are lucky, you can even see the rings around Saturn. It is worth to note that you avoid going when it is not high degrees outside, we say this for your comfort and viewing pleasure. The more heat in the air, the more the light can be distorted from the stars and cause a bit of dimness or blurriness to the sky.

Instead of planning all the fun during the day, add in a night activity and go stargazing. It will be an activity that everyone will love, and the views will be remembered for years to come. 

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