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Horseback Riding in Zion National Park

Looking for a unique way to experience Zion National Park during your stay at Driftwood Lodge? While backpacking, hiking, and exploring nearby historical locations all offer meaningful experiences, horseback riding provides a memorable way to explore the park.

Imagine exploring the classic scenery of the west while on horseback. It’s an experience people dream of. There is a wide variety of trails covering everything from the desert-scape, narrow canyons, and some that focus more on the heavily forested areas. Whatever you are yearning to survey, there is a trail with that solution.

Most horseback trails and programs are designed for day trips led by a guide. Several local businesses provide beautiful, strong, and well-trained horses to guide you through the stunning wilderness. All you have to do is enjoy the ride and scenery. Another great perk of taking advantage of the horse trails is wildlife spook less with your horse’s approach compared to if you were on foot. Not only do you get a better view or the area, but you also get to be up close with wildlife than you would on foot.

After a beautiful relaxing day of horseback riding and enjoying the views of Zion National Park, be sure to come and enjoy an evening at The Driftwood Lodge – where you can continue to enjoy the gorgeous scenery with fine dining and luxury rooms. It’s the perfect way to wrap up an enjoyable day of horseback riding.

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