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Looking to Get Away?

The beautiful town of Springdale is located in Southern Utah in the heart of the state. Over the years, this little town has built a reputation for itself among the travel community, and not just because a national park is its neighbor – thought that certainly helps. Thousands upon thousands of yearly visitors plan a Springdale vacation. You may be one of them. But in case you haven’t ever stayed the night in Springdale, here are some reasons why you need to plan a vacation there this year.


Proximity to Other Wonders

Taking a Springdale vacation and staying here will put you in an incredibly advantageous location in terms of additional places other than Zion National Park you can visit comfortably and with very little effort. Also, less than an hour-and-a-half drive will get you to another one of Utah’s Mighty Five, Bryce Canyon National Park, which is about as otherworldly and awe-inspiring as any natural place you have ever seen. A Springdale vacation gives you fantastic access to fantastic places.


World-Class Lodging

The town of Springdale is home to hoteliers and establishments that truly set out to create the most memorable lodging experiences imaginable. Places like the Driftwood Lodge. Strategically constructed and positioned to give maximize standing views of the majestic cliffs of the National Park that surround the city, the lodges you can choose from on a Springdale vacation will never lead you astray. Our lodge will give you not only great views of the area but also impeccable service, caring staff, beautiful grounds, and a whole lot more. Some of your favorite memories will be made right here.



If you are still trying to decide where to take a vacation this year, we strongly suggest booking a Springdale vacation at the Driftwood Lodge, particularly if you have never been here before.  And to all of you who have been here once or more, come again! When you’re here it is magic!


 Book your vacation at Driftwood Lodge today!


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