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Photographing Utah Landscapes

A picture speaks a thousand words, but unfortunately, many people find that photos don’t do justice when photographing nature. If you have a camera and a spirit of adventure, here are some tips to take the best shots of natural landscapes and animals. 

First, it’s important to know what lenses are the best with your camera and the desired style. Generally, you’re going to want to choose a lens with a longer focal length (i.e. a zoom lens with a wide aperture). Having this lens allows you to have a sharp image of your subject with a soft, blurred background to make your subject pop!

Second, if you’re looking to shoot animals in their natural habitat, you’ll want to study their natural environment. If you’re able to understand and know the subject’s habits, you can be more predictive of what shots will be best. 

Bring the right gear! This step is important, and it applies to more than just your camera gear. Make sure that you’re dressed and prepared for the environment you’re in, whether rain, snow, or hot desert. Camera gear should include a tripod, extra batteries, and various lenses to make sure that your shot comes out exactly the way you want it to. 

The fourth step seems like a no-brainer, but if you’re shooting nature, it’s best to use natural lighting as well. There is a magical time of day that individuals refer to as the “golden hour,” where the sun provides a soothing light. 

The fifth is the most important point of all. Respect the environment! If you take pictures of nature, we’re sure that you want to keep it in the pristine condition that makes it picture-worthy!

Utah contains some of the most beautiful scenery, especially in Zion’s National Park’s southern beauty. If you’re looking for the perfect retreat, book a stay with us today!


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