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Staying Warm While Exploring

Winter months are approaching, but that doesn’t slow the desire for adventure. Getting caught in the cold unprepared comes with various health risks that you don’t have to take. Here’s a head-to-toe dressing guide to help you stay prepared for the frigid weather.
As a general rule, you’ll want to stay in clothing that retains breathability. Clothing that can breathe helps your body regulate its temperature, as well as allowing heat and moisture to escape efficiently. The best combination is to pair a moisture-wicking base layer with a thin, fleece-lined jacket and stretchy pants. After ensuring that your body is warm, you’ll want to ensure that your fingers and toes are protected.

Keep your feet comfortable by using high-quality wool socks inside of insulated boots. (Big emphasis on wool). Cotton is less durable and smelly after a long day of trekking. Just like for your feet, this means that wool-lined gloves are the best choice to save your phalanges. You can also pack hand warmers or find a jacket with hand warmer pockets to keep your fingers toasty. It’s said that you will lose 20% of your heat from your head, so be sure to protect it with a hat to help keep your body warm.

Not only is it important to protect your extremities, but making sure you’re healthy on the inside will help your body regulate itself as well. When in the cold, you will lose moisture through breathing, so it’s important to stay hydrated with water. We know that the temptation of hot coffee or cocoa may sound more appealing, but water is the best thing to keep your body happy. Be extra cautious of caffeine as it makes it harder for your blood to circulate.

Don’t let the winter blues slow you down from your next adventure. Pack yourself up in your warm adventure clothes and enjoy a stay with us today!

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