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Summer Is Not The Only Time To Hike, Test Out Fall

Watching summer fade to fall is a sight to see. It allows you to witness Mother Nature evolve in beauty as she prepares for that harsh winter ahead. As the weather starts to cool, and the leaves’ colors begin to change, hiking is still an amazing past time for many. The days tend to be clear, the nights are cool, and low water levels make hiking safer and more enjoyable. Autumn is an ideal time for most to get outdoors and visit the mountains. Not only is the weather something to hope for, but the sights are stunning captures of deep reds, shining yellows, and blazing oranges. The view is nothing short of a million-dollar painting. Getting outdoors when the sun is not blistering hot, and the leaves are technicolor, really has perfect written all over it.

As you get outdoors and take in the beautiful views, there is an extra perk to hold onto. As the fall season starts, many have gone back to school or have begun to fill their schedules since summer vacations have mostly come and gone. So getting outside in the mountains during this time and maybe visiting a national park or two is great due to those summer crowds beginning to dwindle and disappear. Take this Autumn time to see some breathtaking views, enjoy breathing the fresh air, and remain active and lively. 

We want to encourage you to get out of the house as the weather changes and take advantage of such a beautiful time to be active and be outside. As you gather a list of hikes you want to try and sites you want to see, we have you covered on the place to stay. 

Book Driftwood Lodge today! Let us be your place to rest your head after a memory-filled day of hiking gorgeous landscapes; we may even be able to guide you to some trails you did not have on your list. 


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