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Things to Do in Zion in the Winter

In its busiest summer season, Zion National Park receives thousands of visitors to the park. During that time, temperatures average between 69 and 100 degrees. If you’re looking to beat the crowds and the heat, the ideal time to go is in the winter. There are lots of ways to enjoy the area in the winter.


Scenic Drives:

Nothing is more picturesque than the majestic red rock capped in white snow. There are several incredible drives you can enjoy in the area to take in the view. One of the local favorites is the 6.5-mile scenic drive that runs along the Virgin River and the canyon. Take the journey at your own pace so that you can take breathtaking pictures.



During the winter the majority of the trails in the National Park are still open. Some popular ones are the Emerald Pools Trail, the Weeping Rock Trail, and Observation Point. The best part about these winter hikes, besides the views, is the lack of tourists on the trails.


View the Wildlife:

During the slower winter seasons, the wildlife seems to come out of hiding. It’s great to see all of the animals that are native to the area.



Nothing is worse than trying to capture breathtaking landscape photography when there are crowds of people in front of your lens. Coming in the winter will let you get all the unobstructed shots you want.


Enjoy Your Stay:

After a day of adventuring and exploring the park, it is great to relax at a local hotel! There are lots of options in the local town to choose from!

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