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Things to Know When Backpacking Near Driftwood Lodge

Zion National Park is known throughout the world for its breathtaking views, exciting hikes, and plentiful recreational opportunities. With over 90 miles of trails and thousands of acres of wilderness, you will have the backpacking enterprise you’ve been dreaming about.

Whether you would like your backpacking excursion to be a day trip or an overnighter, the national park offers the perfect trails. Following these tips will allow you to have the best possible experience while enjoying the stunning views of the canyon.

Preparation is key to having a successful backpacking experience. A permit is required for an overnight enterprise, which is available on the 5th of each month. The permits go quick, so be sure to plan accordingly. Along with the permit be familiar with water sources, and plan to carry enough with you. A gallon per person a day is generally recommended to be safe. Include to your friends on your excursion, so you aren’t alone, be responsible for your own safety. Remember to only camp in designated areas that have already been disturbed, to preserve the area for others to enjoy. While backpacking, be aware that everything you pack in, you pack out- including your trash, waste, hygiene products, and food (even nut shells and fruit skin).

Backpacking is a beloved tradition for many visitors of the canyon, and for excellent reasons. Feel deeply connected with nature as you explore the park with your backpack. Nothing is quite as satisfying than the feeling of carrying your pack to the grandest of views. You will be in sheer awe at the majesty of the beauty of the national park. You can learn more about specific backpacking options and regulations at the park’s visitor center. After your backpacking adventure, be sure to get some well-deserved rest at the Driftwood Lodge, where you can continue to enjoy the area in comfort.

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