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Weather Conditions in Zion National Park

Zion National Park is beautiful; from red rock to green trees, to twisting canyons, and rushing rivers, it’s all there. It’s no wonder why visitors from all over the world love to come to the park! With all of the beauty aside, there are some weather conditions to note before you set out on your next hiking adventure.

All park rangers and employees, including those servicing the front desk at the Driftwood Lodge, are constantly checking the weather to be knowledgeable about conditions. They can give you great advice on what to do if more extreme settings are present, ensuring you’re staying safe and having fun! The weather during the park’s busiest time of year can be intense. Whether it be high temperatures, or flash floods and thunderstorms, you don’t want to be caught off guard in any severe weather situation without knowing a few things first.


Flash Floods
A beautiful hike can turn into a wet walk in a matter of minutes. Flash flooding occurs suddenly and is very unpredictable. Even if it is clear skies and you aren’t by a large river, a flash flood can come from a rainstorm suddenly. This causes a rapid increase in water depth and speed, resulting in a higher flow rate.


Tips for Avoiding a Flash Flood:

  • Check the weather before you go to the park at the visitor center or front desk
  • Pay attention to any flood warnings issued
  • Be mindful of changes in weather throughout the day
  • Be knowledgeable of trails with higher risks of flooding
  • If you are by water (no matter how large or small) note any changes in the flow


Extreme Heat

June is the beginning of our summer season, which also marks the beginning of possible severe heat. Temperatures can range anywhere from 40°F- 100°+ F and can vary each day by over 30°F. It’s essential to check the weather regularly so you can prepare with enough food, water, and other hydration essentials.


Great Conditions

All staff and personnel have your safety a top priority, as well as years of experience in judging conditions. If you aren’t sure about a specific trail, or activity, ask the front desk or ranger for their advice. Numerous trails are very safe and fun for the whole family, even if there is extreme weather. While these more extreme conditions do occur, the majority of the time the weather is pristine and perfect for enjoying a fun day in the sun. Whether you visit the visitors center, try out different hikes, explore Springdale, or relax at the Driftwood Lodge by enjoying the grand majesty of the park from the comfort of your room, you can be assured you’ll find paradise during your stay.

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